1. ygfamilyy:

    BIGBANG - The North Face ‘Never Stop Dreaming’ Teaser!

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  2. inkigayo!

    the new MCs! yonghwa&jowkon!<3 yonghwa was singing i need a girl to sulli. &kwon got all pouty. adorable. i can’t wait to hear more from them(:

    this was consecutiveLOVE. infinite performed & then teen top & then ze:a. i was spazzing to myself. actually i was OMGing to Minnie & shaking her to wake her up to watch with me.

    suju’s No Other<3 it was my first time seeing them perform this song. i just LOVE them now! i still haven’t gotten down all their names. but i will sooner or later. the bonding&even holding hands, just loved it(:

    hi tae! i don’t really listen to his Needs A Girl song.. :x idon’t know why. maybe because whenever i hear it, it instantly brings an image of him & grinding… but congrats to him!(:

    this captured screenshot is my all time fav from the whole night ;D YUSS i captured the lovely TOP<3(:

    i wasn’t able to watch the whole thing live. why yes, i do have the time and it was a pleasure to prnt scrn & put together these. and this was entertainment for myself AS WELL :D until nxt time…!(8

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  3. hi. you don't know me.